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Philadelphia Federation of Teachers COVID-19 Town Hall Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Marina Barnett
Thank you for joining our panel today. Please feel free to post your questions in the chat and direct them to our moderator.
Marina Barnett
Closed Captioning has been enabled. To activate it on your computer, please enable live transcription.
Marina Barnett
Hi Everyone, please submit your questions in the chat.
Moderator: Heather Klusaritz, PhD, MSW
Thank you everyone for all of your questions and comments! I am doing my best to respond to and raise up all of your questions and concerns. You are an incredible, engaged group, so please forgive if I don’t get to everyone. I am trying my best!
William king
around the world that's whats being done. getting an mRNA vaccine after a j+j or astra zeneca.
Marina Barnett